Thursday, January 15, 2015

Kathy The Policewoman (Fashion Police, Mondays on E!)

I have been anticipating this new incarnation of "Fashion Police" because I like Kathy griffin, and she seems to be the heir apparent of a lot of things Joan Rivers, whom I adore. I really don't think they have the same type of humour, although they seem to have the same type of chutzpah. So last night, the new "Fashion Police" premiered on E! (Mondays at 9 pm on E!) and I was...underwhelmed. Kathy Griffin seems lost in the shuffle, and doesn't have much chemistry with the rest of the panel.  And she seems stifled. Her critique of gowns seems to be forced ("I like her gown because one wrong move and we might see a boob," she remarks on Jennifer Lopez's gown) and her choice as worst dressed, seems insincere and if done for laughs, was misguided. Joan was the Queen of the old Fashion police, and it showed. Even Griffin's outfit - a black and white ensemble seems almost subdued compared to Rivers' caribou feathers. I know it is the first show, though , and hope she builds more rapport with the rest of the panel. And speaking of, I am still baffled as to how Kelly Osbourne is seen as a fashion e pert, and I do enjoy Brad Goreski (he got better zingers than Kathy last night) Guiliana Rancic needs a sandwich.

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