Thursday, January 1, 2015

Wolf Street (Book Review: Ghosts Of Manhattan, Douglas Brunt)

Well, here we are, my first finished book for the new year. I was only able to accomplish half of my reading challenge for 2014, so hopefully I will be able to fare better this year.

I was initially attracted to "Ghosts Of Manhattan" because it centered around a bond trader and his work environment, an atmosphere I am familiar with because I used to work there. And indeed, the main character sounds like someone I may have worked with before. Even the people who work around him sound like people I may have worked with. Too bad there's really nothing else for me in this book. The story is a bit unfocused: part work drama during the mid 2000's banking meltdown, part domestic marriage drama between him and his wife. Neither storyline was interesting to me, and the final message - a morality tale? and greed is not good  - seems lost in all of it. I don't think the story went from point A to point B. The main character, Nick Farmer, waned to quit from the beginning of the book and only did so in the last page. There seems to be no there there.

Then I read the acknowledgements and find out the author is married to the execrable Fox News journalist Megyn Kelly and the whole book leaves more bad taste in my mouth. Yuck.

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