Friday, January 23, 2015

Such Devoted Sisters (Book Review: The Smart One And The Pretty One, Claire Lazebnik)

Claire Lazebnik's "The Smart One And The Pretty One" is the first book I have read in the new year that I truly enjoyed - and guess what, it is from 2008. I chose this book randomly - started reading a couple of pages and couldn't stop, even finishing it swiftly. It tells the story of Ava and Lauren, who are sisters, and this book explores that bond between sisters, how they fight, compete, and protect each other all in the same breathe. I loved the familial interplay here, how open they are with each other and with their families, but at the same time how secrets are hidden as wel. And I also liked the fact that the HEA here isn't as clear-cut, although I also think that the ending came a little too quickly. I would have wanted to follow their stories a little further.

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