Thursday, January 22, 2015

Eddie Is Everything (Movie Review: The Theory Of Everything)

The big reason to see "The Theory Of Everything" is summed up in two words: Eddie Redmayne.  I've always thought he was one of the most versatile actors of his generation, but here he does the almost impossible: give an honest emotional brave performance as Stephen Hawking, but more than that, complement that performance with an impossible feat of physically representing Hawking as well. Every blink of an eye, each flick of a finger, even the kick of a foot presents Hawking in its entirety. It is one of those all-around full performances that is unforgettable that if he loses the Oscar this year, I would be sorely upset. (And especially since his closest competitor, Michal Keaton gives an overrated performance in an overrated film, in my opinion)  If only the film was as bold. This film is a by-the-numbers biography that doesn't really frame his performance well. It's far from bad, mind you, but the screenplay never really makes us realize what makes Hawking tick, besides the fact that he was a genius. It never shows us how his genius created his theories. Perhaps because the film is based on his wife Jane's memoir of her life with Hawking? And speaking of, Felicity Jones as his wife gives a performance to match Redmayne's, though his is the star of the show. There were some parts of the film that, frankly, bored me, and thought it could have been cut a good half an hour. But still, I recommend this if only to see a work of genius acting, and to see that pivotal turn that makes Eddie Redmayne a bonafide star.

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  1. I saw this recently and agree about both actors. So glad Eddie won.