Tuesday, March 10, 2015

And Liberty And Perfume For All (Perfume Thoughts: Bond No 9 I Love NY For All)

My brother has started collecting Bond no 9 perfumes, so I have had a chance to sniff a lot of them lately.  One that recently caught my attention is the I Love NY line, which originally came as a trio: the pink bottle for her, the blue bottle for him, and the black bottle "for all" I really do not believe in genderizing perfume: it's all marketing and hype.  Of the three, what appealed to me most was the black one, the one that's for all.  The initial burst is fantastic: a creamy hazelnut cacao confection that should sound sweet, but really is on the dry side, perhaps because there's a little bit of pepper there too. The cream note kind of gives me pause, but it reminds me of a perfume that's underrated: Jean Paul Gaultier's Kokorico. The materials used for I Love NY For All is better - there's longevity here that's not projected, but exists. the middle notes (on me) get darker, which is weird, as everything normally turns sweet on me. The creamy caco note gets stronger, and I bet a coffee lover would love this perfume. The patchouli-ish clean musk-y dry down seems a bit generic, for sure, but I am already impressed so now I am jonezing a full bottle of this.

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