Saturday, March 21, 2015

Oh, The Orange Blossom (Perfume Thoughts: By Killian Sweet Redemption)

Yes, the Orange Blossom.  It's a note I have truly grown to love - because on my skin it casts a wide range, from soapy (Penhaligon's La Castille) to rich and pungent (Jo Malone Orange Blossom) In between hose two extremes, it still pleases. Francis Kurkdjian plays with it a lot, and does best with it - his Gaultier Fleur de Male is an Orange Blossom masterpiece, in my opinion. So when By Killian released Sweet Redemption, their tenth and last in the L’Oeuvre Noire collection, I gladly gave in to it. Calice Becker, its creator, is known for big bombastic creations, but here she is restrained in her use of orange blossom. It's still there, front and center, and it is big and bright, but it is framed well by sweetness. This is an orange blossom that makes you happy, there's no exploration of its dark side here. Today it was bright and sunny, and when I was doing my morning walk, the orange blossom not, um...blossomed. It was glorious, and while you could smell the sweetness, it did not cross that headache-inducing kind. I love this, this is one of those scents that would work well with a tuxedo: it creates a presence, and stays there, never overpowering, never disturbing.

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