Sunday, March 8, 2015

Happy? (Television Thoughts: Looking, S02E08 Looking for Glory)

At this point, you are probably either Team PatKev or Team PatRich. Me? I vacillate.  On one hand, there is great romanticism in PatRich, but just look at Jonathan Groff and Russell Tovey together, and they do make the cutest couple. Okay, so yes they are probably too white and too same, but the actors and the characters blend so well together, that you just go for it. And I would like to believe that Kevin has the best intentions for 'choosing' Patrick so should it be all systems go? Well, as Sheryl Crow sings, If it makes you happy... And we do see Patrick having the time of his life with Kevin - the game they built together, the prom they go to, the dance they have - it's just too much cuteness that it has to probably end soon, right? But this episode is revolutionary in one way: Patrick seems to be happy. I mean, has there ever been an episode wherein Patrick was just...happy? But then again, we also hear Sheryl Crow singing: If it makes you happy, then why are you so sad?

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