Saturday, March 14, 2015

Living For Love, I'm Gonna Carry On (Television Review: Looking S02E09, Looking For Sanctuary)

Of course it had to happen - a show I love will be cancelled. I read an article last week that had a headline that read "Looking is the show that nobody is watching," and I think even the show knows it. Here we are at the penultimate episode of the second season and things are...well, they are wrapping up. We are getting to a point that these characters are no longer "looking." This makes me infinitely sad, because these are characters that I have grown to love, and I have enjoyed the time (albeit short) I spent with them. On this episode, titled "Looking For Sanctuary," we see Patrick maybe finally finding happiness - at the end of the episode, he makes a decision to move in with Kevin. This even after he gets the wrath of his sister, whose husband is very good friends with Jon, who is Kevin's ex. Yes, it has been a bumpy complicated ride to where he has now arrived, and he may finally be happy. And Eddie has also reached a similar place with Frank, wherein he stops trying to woo him, and gives him an ultimatum: are we or are we not? (They are.) There's even a frank discussion about Truvada. The only hanging thing, for now, is Dominick and Doris, but I think that is something that can be fixed by a trip to Pinkberry. It pains me to see another favorite show of mine close shop. 

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