Friday, March 6, 2015

The Rest Is Still Rewritten (Movie Review: The Rewrite)

Whatever happened to Hugh Grant?  I know I haven't been up to date on a lot of things but I don't think I have seen a lot of him at late. So I jumped at the chance of  seeing "The Rewrite," where Hugh Grant is back in fine form in a role only Hugh Grant can do. He is in his element here, with his droll British accent spouting satirical dialogue dryly. As a middle aged screenwriter who had his last Academy Award winning script in 1999, the well has run dry and has to accept a professor job in Binghamton, New York. he is a fish out of water in different ways: an Angeleno in the East Coast, a man whose screenplay is revered but has not produced anything of substance since. It's all rote, but Grant elevates the material, which could be spotty, and dated (I wonder if this has been languishing for a while) It was also great to see Marisa Tomei as the love interest - they have good adult chemistry and she really has matured to be a great versatile actress. Recommended. 

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