Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Root Of It All (Perfume Thoughts: Creed Acqua Originale Iris Tubereuse)

It's St. Patrick's Day, and I didn't want to go too "obvious" with today's scent. So I searched for something that evokes green, and I chose Creed's Iris Tubereuse (Look, add the letter H to Iris and you got the greenest of the green!)  This perfume is from the limited edition Acqua Originale collection. Look, I am not the biggest Creed fan for a lot of reasons, but I found a bottle of this extremely cheap, the kind of cheap that you would be crazy enough not to grab. And this line is supposed to be lighter and more accessible. Say, if you were a fan of Jo Malone, this would appeal to you. iris Tubereuse is exactly how you woudl picture this perfume to be: a white floral bouquet of both flowers, with a slight tip towards the iris, and the addition of lily. The acqua is more in execution than form - this is far from the aquatic perfumes of the likes of Cool Water. This is a transparent floral, with a rooty iris. You kind of smell a little bit of the stem, thanks to the combo of musk and vanilla in the base notes. The dry down is a little heavier than the top and middle notes - it smells like you used a lotion of these flowers, as those same petals ripen. It's a little bit of an odd scent, or maybe I just think it's odd for a Creed scent. I don't dislike it, but I think multiple more uses will make me embrace it more.

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