Saturday, March 28, 2015

Angled Straight (Movie Thoughts: The Last Straight Man)

"The Last Straight Man"  isn't supposed to be a gay love story, but it turns out it is one. Two close friends on the eve of a wedding - one is bisexual and one is straight, and before the night is over they each other. What happens next is one part "One Day," (they meet at the same time yearly) and part "Before Sunrise" (something always happens when they almost get together) What really seems like a bad idea even as I am typing the plot, turns out to be quite good. First off, I don't subscribe to that ultimate "gay fantasy" of bagging a straight guy.  I am in the school that believes a straight guy will never fall in love with another man, and at times this movie preys on that weakness. But we find out that these characters are quite complex, and as we get to know them more and more we get to see the complexities of these people. I was instantly engrossed by the sharp dialogue, and even if you can see the small budget of the film, there are a lot of riches to be mined from it. I gotta admit that the movie made me think. I always say that I get tired of some of these inane "gay" movies, and this one should have fit that bill, but turns out to be an exception. Rent this.  

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