Monday, April 20, 2015

And When I Grow Too Old To Dream (Movie Revew: The Age Of Adaline)

When was the list time I Paid attention to Blake Lively? I mean, she wasn't even my favorite in "Gossip Girl." But here, in Lee Toland Krieger's "The Age Of Adaline," she is a major movie store. She is beautiful, luminous, and charming. Dhe knows how to use those traits for the camera, and I predict people will notice, as I have. The movie? It's a mixed bag. Lively makes the most of an underwritten character, and her co-stars also shine (Harrison Ford is unforgettable in a smaller role) all their efforts cannot mask a tepid screenplay. We never really know who the real "Adaline" is, and her character is written a little too "modern" for someone who was born in the early 1900s.  But all in all, I liked the movie a lot more than what confused me about it. The story was believable enough (even with the scientific mumbo jumbo explanation as to why Adaline doesn't age) and nowadays it's kind of hard to find a movie aimed at adults.

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