Saturday, April 18, 2015

Bad History (Book Thoughts: The History Of Us, Leah Stewart)

Life gets in the way of my reading sometimes, and then I get stuck with a book so slow that it takes me a while to "move on." Leah Stewart's "The History Of Us" was so slow and unengaging that I read it for two weeks, and I got in a rut.  I liked the premise enough - a 28 year old woman, Eloise gets stuck taking care of her three nephews and nieces after their parents die in a car accident. But the book does not focus on that. Rather, it fast forwards to years after, when the kids are all adults. And there's not one likeable kid in the bunch: all selfish, manipulative self-centered pricks. I wouldn't want to spend any time with these fools, never mind  read a book about them. 

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  1. I read one of her other books a long time ago and it was also slow.