Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Starting Over Again (Book Thoughts: Cure For The Common Breakup)

Minutes into the book, Flight Attendant Summer Benson has gone through two devastating things: surviving a plane crash and getting dumped by her pilot boyfriend. So where does she go? Black Dog Bay, a town in Maryland where all broken hearted people go (She read about it in the inflight magazine)  Immediately, she begins her life anew, and, of course, falls in love with the town's mayor (after running over his rose bushes) Kendrick has a light hand in her writing - the book is always funt o read, and the town's characters are quirky and interesting. Cliches abound, though, and Summer's character is never really consistent - one minute is is smart, the next she is dumb and gullible. But, this is perfect beach read, and is guaranteed to  put a smile on your face.

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