Thursday, April 2, 2015

Spice Market (Perfume Thoughts: Amouage Fate Men)

This is why I don't like testing. I have a mountain of samples that I just can't bear to sniff. Why? Because, to quote Larry Hart, i fall in love too easily, I fall in love too fast. I used a sample of Amouage Fate and I was instantly smitten - it's so me : the incense, the honey to sweeten it, the cumin to spice it. Christopher Chong makes such beautiful perfumes and i wish I could own all of them, but let's face it, it's not so economical. Today was a nice cold-ish day, and Amouage Fate men was just perfect for it - the perfume bloomed as perfumes do, the cumin and saffron mix provided just enough warmth and didn't get too hot, with the honey providing just right amount of sweetness. I read that there's a ginger note here somewhere, and even though it is not quite prominent, I can sense it more than I can smell it. Is Fate Men the most original thing? Probably not. Is it worth the high price point? Probably, because you can tell it was done with the best raw material out there. Do I want it? Of course. Am I gonna rush? Probably not. If I want a very quick fix, there are other scents in my wardrobe that will do the same trick. But you can bet that this is going on my wish list.  

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