Friday, April 24, 2015

Young Man In Paris (Movie Thoughts: 24 Days)

As I turn my television on and watch riots and protest marches in Baltimore, I watch the French movie "24 Days" and realize that other countries have demons of their own to deal with, and in this movie's case France and their history with anti-semitism. This movie tells the story of the kidnapping of Ilam Halimi, a young man in Paris who was targeted because he was Jewish. The movie acts like a procedural crime drama, but told more from the point of view of Halimi's family. On one hand, it is a moving, powerful, and disturbing film that shows how the French police bungled the investigation and that may have aggravated the case and Hiliam's demise. Yet, the movie is also sympathetic to the family's message. I wish it gave a little more depth into some details from the French police side. Much was said that the police force was very late in assessing that the crime was a hate crime. Yet, we see that while the gang members targeted Jews, it was more because of stupidity than religious beliefs. Still, this movie is fast paced and engrossing, and will get you involved from the first scene to the last. You just need to open your mind about it and listen to both sides.

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