Friday, April 17, 2015

Some People Can Get A Thrill (Movie Thoughts: Such Good People)

"Such Good People" is kind of a rare thing: a gay screwball comedy. Actually, it can even be just a screwball comedy, because the "gay" aspect of the main characters is inconsequential. Randy Harrison and Michael Urie play a couple who finds a million dollars inside a house they are sitting. What would you do if you were int heir position? It is not an easy decision, of course, and everything gets compounded by the actions of another couple, played Carrie Whilta and James Urbaniek. The best thing about this movie is the easy performances of Harrison and Urie, and actually by everyone else, including cameos by Lance Bass and Alec Mapa. The movie tries hard, it tries way too hard to be funny, and I couldn't say that it was, for me, too successful. Too many plot points and not enough laughs. But I give it an A for effort - smooth technical elements present a very professional job. And for some people, this movie can be satisfying. 

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