Wednesday, April 1, 2015

He Loves And She Loves (Film Thoughts: Boy Meets Girl)

Love is universal, sexuality is fluid. We've heard these words so much they probably sound like clichés, but by God they are so true. And that is most evident in this movie, "Boy Meets Girl," which I think is a very powerful movie of these times we live in. Ricky and Robby have been best friends since they were sic years old. hes straight, she's transgendered. One day another young woman, Francesca enters their lives, and Francesca falls in love with Ricky. Weird? Perhaps on paper it does, but in here you won't even blink because it would seem like the most natural thing in life. And why not? Falling in love is the most natural thing. This love triangle gets complicated, but it's really not. I will not give anything away but suffice it to say there are surprises here that could be shocking, but there will be a familiarity to it and nothign will be hard to swallow. I love this movie, it made me sit up and liste, and pay attention. Who would ever think that a rom-com (of sorts) starring a transgendered woman, played by Michele Hendley (a trans woman herself) would rip my heart into pieces? But it did. I was swept away with the love stories of these people, and I was able to get pass all the bluriness of sexualities. This is not a trans woman falling in love, or a straight woman, or a bicurious female - these are people falling in love and in the end we are all just people...(who need peopel?) Director Eric Schaeffer has such a fine light hand that nothing gets too serious - this topic is serious enough, and he gives it simplicity and clarity because, really, love is not a complicated matter - either you feel something or you don't. So in the end, we can only go by our emotion, and nothing else. You will be rooting for all these characters and will never forget them.