Sunday, April 26, 2015

Isn't It Bromantic? (Movie Thoughts: The Wedding Ringer)

Before I saw this movie, I had no idea what Kevin Hart did. Well, I knew he was a comedian and he is the next big thing, but other than that...nada. And "the Wedding Ringer" I knew was some kind of comedy movie, and based on the previews I saw, one of those that catered to young me, so, yeah not my demographic at all. But it was a Saturday night, and I chose this, because I guess I wanted to see something that I thought would not really make me think, that would be fun. I wasn't wrong. "The Wedding Singer" is exactly what the doctor ordered. And for the record, I liked it much more than I thought I ever would - because and despite the fact that Josh Gad is an actor I can't stand. Here he plays the "straight man," mostly setting the jokes for Hart. I thought of this more as a buddy car movie without the car. or perhaps a Bromantic-comedy - a genre where two guys don't realize they are best friends, even as we, the audience, can see it from the beginning. I must say that Hart (and Gad) did make me laugh, even as the situations got a little too raunchy and too testosterone-filled for my taste. But I am not the target audience for this, and the fact that even I appreciate this movie has to be some credit for it.

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