Sunday, April 12, 2015

Three's Company A Crowd (Television Thoughts: One Big Happy)

"One Big Happy," whether intentional or not, made me think of the classic sitcom "Three's Company." It has the modern day equivalent set-up: Luke and Liz have been best friends for years, and they made a pact that by age 30, if they are still both childless, they would have a baby. Enter Prudence, a British illegal alien who has a quick affair with Luke, and they get married. We now have the set up of the sitcom with all three of them living under the same roof. Hilarity ensues, right? The pilot was just okay, and I gave it a chance - Eliza Cuthbert as Liza has a nice goofy charm, and Nick Zano is funny in a John Ritter kind of way(he even looks like him, kinda) But whatever charm they have cannot salvage the idiotic scripts they have to work with. I swear I did not even crack a smile by the third episode - they are put in tedious situations with predictable gags. I wish it was even offensive but they were just kind of lame and corny. Executive produced by Ellen de Generes, I bet this show bites the dust by the end of Springtime. 

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