Saturday, October 6, 2012

Even Boys Fall In Love (book Review: What A Boy Wants, by Nyrae Dawn)

I am in a reading rut. I am in the middle of two books and I am not connecting emotionally to either one so I decided to start "What A Boy Wants," by Nyrae Dawn because it seemed like an easy, quick read. I though it would be a perfect pallet-cleanser. It was. I finished it in about two hours, and it wasn't bad. It was cute, even a little refreshing because it was told from a young guy's point of view. It's also very formulaic, and predictable. Even though in the beginning it felt like I have read this before, it has enough unique details that it still kept my attention. Young love is so complicated for those who are in it, and I just think, these kinds have no idea what's coming to them as they get older. Nyrae Dawn knows how to keep the plot going, though there was a grammar error or two. I am guessing this is self-published so it may not have benefitted from an experienced editor. I also just found out that this is the second book of a series, so I missed out on the first one, and I didn't even know it.


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