Saturday, October 27, 2012

Two Os (Scent Review: Jo Malone Oud And Bergamot)

What happens when you put two Os together? You oooohh! (Hey, I can be corny sometimes!) But as the colder weather arrives, I find myself exploring oud yet again, and this time it's Jo Malone Oud And Bergamot which is part of its Cologne Intene collection. and it smells heavenly - there is a perfect juxtaposition of the dark and bright. The Jo Malone oud is not as dark and medicinal as other ouds. It is musky and cleaned up. The bergamot here is a big bright orange. When put together, it is a sunny combination, and could really be more a summer scent. It evokes a happy and jumpy state It is also pretty linear and uncomplicated, which I think is a very Jo Malone quality. This is a no fuss, no think perfume - you put it on and enjoy it, there is no more there there. My big complaint with it is its longevity. After two hours it is gone, and this is quite weird, as "Iris and White Musk," also from the Cologne Intense line, has stealth wear. But a cologne is still a cologne, I guess, so they are not doing false advertising - no matter how intense they claim.

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