Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Juliette Has A Secret Love (Scent Review: Calamity J, Juliette Has A Gun)

I guess since it's Halloween, I might as well wear and write about a scent that's like a costume. This year, I am going as Calamity Jane, and wearing Calamity J, by Juliette Has A Gun. I actually do like this line : it's unfussy, straightforward, and their scents have a lot to say without being too noisy. They're not provocative and attention-getting, but they are classy, easy to wear, and well-done. Calamity J plays with the idea of a tomboy-ish flowery fragrance. It's a rose, but it's a tough one: it has leather chaps, it has a hard hat. This is an amber accord, but the one thing I smell here is a woody iris. It's softer and earthier than the one in Dior Homme, probably because it is surrounded by patchouli. There is a soft musk here, but it doesn't penetrate like most musks do. It complements the woods and the amber just enough to not make it too delicate. I find myself reaching for Calamity J most days when I feel "sporty." It's the kind of scent you reach out for on those days when you dress down: a jeans and t-shirt kind of scent that's easy, familiar, comforting. Once or twice, on tough days, I wear it before I go to sleep and it's the equivalent of a chamomile tea.

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