Thursday, October 18, 2012

Cheese & Corn (Stage Review: Donny & Marie Osmond with Susan Boyle, Flamingo Hotel, Las Vegas)

You know exactly what you are going to get when you go to a Donny and Marie show.And if that means something cheesy and something corny, then so be it. As for me, I personally like cheese, and corn, so what's the problem? Their current show at the Flamingo Hotel, "Forever Fabulous," is one of the few shows that sell out night after night, so they must be doing something right for their fans. And on Wednesday night's performance, I could see why: they give 110 % of themselves for their fans. Sure, some of the energy could probably be misguided: Marie's trying-too-hard soprano for Andrew Lloyd Weber's "Pie Jesu" was almost laughable, and when Donny tries to rock ("Crazy Horses") it just seems forced. But give these two an A for effort: they give the songs their all, for better or worse. They fare better with their hits: "Paper Roses," and "Puppy Love" got enormous applause, and deservedly so. They may scoff at these bubblegum pop, but that is their bread and butter, and I lapped it up. And the two of them, after all these years, still have sizzling chemistry. I could watch them banter with each for a whole night. Donny is a guest on Susan Boyle's newest album, so she surprised the audience by showing up to sing a duet last night, an unfortunately arranged, "This Is The Moment," a song I didn't think could sound any worse. I don't think there was anything natural in the orchestration, and Susan Boyle - oh my, what else can I day about her? She was just sad. Like literally, sad. While singing, she started at empty space, not even bothering to connect with Donny. Marie says later on that she grew up worshipping Donny, so I am guessing she may have had a case of nerves. But still, I found it inexcusable to not even know the words to her song (Donny could be seen prodding the lyrics) Is she on drugs? Is she sick? Is she really that unprofessional? It was kind of scary, to be honest. 

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