Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Third Time's Charm (Book Review: Third You Die, Scott Sherman)

I love Scott Sherman's  Kevin Connor Mystery series, and I think "Third You Die" is the best one yet. In terms of mystery, it may not be the most "action-packed," or let's be honest, the mystery part of the book really is almost afterthought, but that doesn't mean that there isn't any "story" here. I even think that sometimes there' too much going on in the book - multiple story lines that kind of intersect - but Sherman knows how to keep them all going. There may not be action in the literal sense, but there's always something going on, and the book is never boring. I love the character - he's funny, erudite, very cosmopolitan. He' always fun to be around with, and you root for him. I like the fact that Sherman tried to go into the innings of the gay porn company, though "Brent" (the character) and his storyline is probably inspired by the porn star Brent Corrigan's real story. But no matter - the jokes come rapid, the characters are all fun to read, so what more do you want? There's even a corny ending that made me cry. Now that's entertainment!


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