Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Go Back To The Shore (Television Review: Made In Jersey, CBS)

I only wanted to see "Made In Jersey" for one reason: I wanted to see Donna Murphy.  Well, too bad for me - she didn't have much to do in the pilot. She plays the mom of the main protagonist, Martina Gannetti, played by Janet Montgomery. It's one of those fish out of the water stories, this time a Joisey girl who is employed by a law firm in Manhattan. She has style, she has spunk, and that's how she became ...the nanny. Oops, wrong show. But it might as well have been. This show employs every cliche in the book, unconvincingly. I was bored all throughout the whole hour. I thought it would have sufficient drama to keep me interested, but even the crime part was just as boring. And like I said, not a lot of Donna Murphy. Even though I have not taken this off my DVR yet - I will give it an episode or two more - I just lament the fact that this show is almost in the same timeslot as "The Good Docctor" from last year, an infinitely better show.

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