Sunday, October 21, 2012

Iranian Rose (Scent Review: Oud Ispahan, Christian Dior Privee Collection)

When I told a friend that I loved Dior's Oud Ispahan, he told me, "How much many oud and rose combos can you have?" Apparently, I have room for one more, and I can declare this is the best one of all.  Maybe all this time I was still seeking because I still had not found the perfect one. I can stop looking now. Oud Ispahan is so good it makes me want to visit Iran. I think I am the only person who does not mind this oud renaissance we are having right now. Yes, everyone is doing it, and some people do it better than others - Francois Demarchy, the in house nose for Dior, has hit a jackpot with this one. It starts out with that fruity jammy rose - so rich, so delicious - but then the oud comes in and it is dirty, of course, but it is not sex-dirty, it is romantically dirty. It reminds me of when lovers kiss on the beach, the dirt and sand that gets on their body represents love more than dirt. There is a burst of amber and patchouli in the middle note that rounds it out, and then the rose and oud comes back in the drydown. Oud Ispahan has a most unique base, and I think that's what I love with Dior creations - the beauty is all in the blending. The notes all come together and it doesn't smell like a specific something, but more a finely crafted bouquet. That seems to be my one complaint with the Chanel Exclusives - while they all smell as wonderful, they all go down to the same Chanel road of aldehydes, which isn't the worst in the world, for sure, but it becomes too familiar after a while. 

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