Friday, October 26, 2012

Something About Christmas With Christina (Album Review: Christina Perri: A Very Merry Perri Christmas EP)

I know only two things about Christina Perri: that she had a hit with the song "Jars Of Clay," which I discovered through Lea Michele and Glee. (In fact, I may prefer Lea's version of that song) The other thing I know about Perri is that she is dating (maybe dated) Tony winner Steve Kazee from Once. She has released a Christmas EP, titled "A Very Merry Perri Christmas," with six songs. She starts the album with an original, "Something About December," and it's fantastic. Very rarely do I hear an original Christmas song that touches me, and this hits the spot. Her ethereal vocals convey just the right mixture of longing and wistfulness. This song alone is worth the whole EP experience, and, frankly is the only shining star in the collection. She does rote versions of classics (Can we have a moratorium on "Have Yourself.."?) and there's an "Ave Maria" that is kind of embarrassing for her. But here is the video for "Something About December," and it's wonderful.

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