Tuesday, February 10, 2015

A Certain Smile (Music Review: Matt Belsante, When You're Smiling)

Nowadays, packaging is everything. Look at this album cover of Matt Belsante. He has quite a handsome face, just the right mix of non-threatening and cute. Young-ish girls and bored housewives will all go goo-goo and gaga over him. Right now he is still on the indie side but all he needs is David Foster (who, incidentally now is the head of Verve Records) to mentor him,  spruce up his look, and arrange schmaltzy songs for him, and I bet he has all the signs of hitting it big. (see: Michael Buble) oh, the music, you ask? Belsante has a pleasant enough voice: in-tune for the most part, and the song selections are nice and safe, and the arrangements bland enough to appeal to everyone - there's even the requisite 60s pop folkcred: "To Make You Feel My  Love" (I mean, they sang the song on GLEE!) Smile some more, Matt. You just might attract the right person.

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