Friday, February 6, 2015

Slap Me With A Hot Note (Television Review: The Slap E01, NBC)

Call me whatever you want, but the kid deserved that slap. If there is one thing that I really despise the most, it's the entitled attitude that parents and their kids have nowadays, just because. No just because you chose to have a child doesn't make you any more special than anyone else in the world. A slap in the new series "The Slap" unfurls a series of events in thi show show, on NBC. It's a prestige project, written by Jon Robin Baitz, directed by Lisa Cholodenko, and based on the critically acclaimed Australian television show, which in turn was an adaptation from the novel by Christos Tsiolkas. Confudes yet? No matter, but this show is a killer. I can't remembered the last time I started reacting to and for the characters in a television show. At a party for Hector (Peter Saarsgard, terrific here) the character of Zach Quinto (Harry) is the one who slaps a spoiled brat kid of Gary (Thomas Sadoski) Well, as one of their grandparents said, that kid is a brat, and if his parents will not discipline him, then someone has to. But this slap is just a plot point that will spin the lives of this ensemble of characters, and the cast is fantastic: Uma Thurman, Melissa George, Thandie Newton, Penn Badgely. I admit to not having seen the Australian version yet, and now that I have read so many praises for it, I vow to not see it until this one finishes, as it might color my appreciation for this show, which is turnign out to be the return of must-see television for NBC, for me anyway.

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