Saturday, February 21, 2015

The Duff With The Heart (Movie Thoughts: The Duff)

Did you know that DUFF meant "Designated Ugly fat Friend"? Well, neither did I. I guess that goes to show how out of touch I am with today's teenage lingo. I can identify more with the stereotypes from "The Breakfast Club," which are referenced in the beginning of this movie. Written by Josh Cagan and Directed by Ari Sendel, "The Duff" is a little shallow, just a tad earnest, but it has a big heart and is a lot of fun. With these type of movies, everything falls in the hands of the actors, and Mae Whitman, as Bianca, is the female nerd, and maybe the plainer looking between her two friends. But Whitman is a smart actress and knwo when to mine the laughs, and when to add depth to the proceedings. And surprise, Robbie Amell is terrific, makign his jock stereotype character much much more than a dumb stereoptype - he is at lal times dreamy, sensitive, and yes handsome and swoon-worthy. I couldn't help but get touched with their chemistry, and look, the plot is predictable as can be but you still ride along, and I got ridden hard here. For a couple of brief moments, I felt like I was young and in love for the very first time, again. Isn't there a quote that good acting makes the audience feel like the character the actor is playing? Well,  if that is the case then Whitman should win an Academy Award. 


  1. I miss watching teen movies. I saw the trailer for this a while back and it sounded fun. Mae Whitman looks so different from other roles I've seen her in. I had a hard time believing it was her. Is the girl at the top of the poster Bella Thorne? She's in everything these days.

  2. Yes, that's Bella Thorne and she plays the "mean girl" here. What else has Whitman been on?!?1