Monday, February 2, 2015

For Broken Hearts Only (Movie Review Cuatro Lunas, Four Moon)

Cuatro Lunas, ("Four Moons") is all about heartbreak: gay heartbreak in particular. It tells about gay men in various states of unrequited love, and these stories will all break your heart. I very rarely have gay movies affect me nowadays - I feel like Ive seen all iterations of the gay love story - but this one has four big infectious hearts, and each one affected me. One story is a straight coming-of-age, a pre-teen gay kid has a crush on his cousin and explores it - this one is cringe-worthy because we can all identify with it, as we were at that age. Another story tackles a coupel whose relationship is rocked with infidelity: here actor Alejandro De La Madrid, as Andres, gives a wrenching performance as a man who tries desperately to hold on to his lover. Two college childhood friends explore their first serious love affair in another story, and this one tackles the coming out process, and how we all have different paths that sometimes do not cross. One last story revolves around an older man, an accomplished poet, who gets infatuated with a rentboy at a gay bath house. Most of the stories fall dangerously close to soap opera territory, and director Seergio Tovar Velasrde shows some inexperienced direction, but all in all they work because they are well-acted, and teh situatiosn will be familiar to any gay men out there. I highly recommend this. 

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