Thursday, February 26, 2015

Let It Go (Television Thoughts: The Slap Episode 3 Anouk)

This week's episode of The Slap focuses on Anouk, the character played by Uma Thurman. I think Urman is a real underrated actress, and here he displays her acting chops. Whether you like this show or not, you will have to agree that this has a top notch cast. The show starts this week as Anouk goes to lunch with Aisha and Rosie. Anouk gives  wise advise to Rosie, regarding the slap : "Let It Go," and Rosie doesn't take it well. That seems to be the extent on where we are regarding the slap, as we go to Anouk's personal life, her relationship with Jamie, and her mother Virginia (played by Blythe Danner) Halfway through the episode, Anouk finds something that's been hinted at, that she is pregnant with Jamie's baby. She doesn't tell Jamie, but he knows, he says he can tell. She then tells him she cannot have the baby, as she isn't wired to be a parent. Then she discovers that her mother is moving to Scotland, and selling their Upper West Side apartment, because of a tumor. This gives her a reawakening, and she decides to keep the baby. It's an episode with a clear focus, though apparently the story doesn't stay true to the original content (of course on American network television, it would be so controversial for her to get an abortion) As I have said, Thurman is great in every scene, and breathes life to the character even if we do not agree with her choices. I thought Penn Badgely was also good here, displaying a maturity he never got to show in Gossip Girl.   

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