Saturday, February 7, 2015

Orange In Green (Perfume Review: Elie Saab L'eau Couture)

Sometimes, when I get off at shower at night before starting my evening, I am at a loss for what perfume to wear, and tonight I just decided to randomly pick one from my bag of samples. Tonght's pick" Elie Saab's Le'au Couture parfum. I hadn't paid any attention to this scent, although I do like (but do not own) the original Elie Saab EDP, of which L'eau Couture is a flanker of. I remember the original EDP as a vavavavoom of an orange blossom scent, signed by one of my favorite noses, Francis Kurkdjian, who I think is an expert of the orange blossom note. One of these days, I should hunt for a cheap bottle of the EDP. So I am going to comment on L'eau Couture pretty much on its own merit, not as a comparison to the EDP. The top note here is also an orange blossom, but it's a pretty sedate one - it's whispery, but you can definitely hear what it is trying to say, which is that this is an orange blossom that's pretty and manageable. It develops into greener territory - much like a a dewy, spring-like orange blossom. On my skin, there's vanilla, but it's sheer and not cloying. L'eau Couture is light, but it's also sheer. It feels pretty, and you feel like you are not skimping on your scent. I liken it to a scarf that dresses up a tee. This would be perfect on those days when you are unsure about what to war, but want to wear something, and don't want your perfume to have such presence. I like it lots, and maybe I will hunt for a cheap bottle of this one as well.

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