Sunday, February 22, 2015

Love Is Scary (Television Thoughts: Looking S02 E06 Looking for Gordon Freeman)

All the stress, all the pressure, all the secrets, everything that has been bottled up inside Patrick boils over on tonight's episode of "Looking." (Looking For Gordon Freeman," as he hosts a Halloween party and things go so awry he has a fantastic mental breakdown. Gross deserves an Emmy for his performance tonight: one of those pained performances that was just too tough to watch because all of it is you and me, and everyone else who have been madly in love, and have felt the scare of love slipping away. For me, it was akin to watching a horror movie - I was watching it through slanted fingers - perhaps making the Halloween theme of the episode more appropriate. The episodes this season have been crescendoing to a climax so powerful, so intense, but in a sense so quiet and yes, it pierces your heart into small pieces.  Look at the photograph of that scene above, when Patrick pleas to Kevin that he doesn't want himt o go away - look at the mixture of fear and affection in his eyes - this is genius writing. Look at how Richie and Patrick look at each other towards the end of the episode, and you will multitudes of love and sorrow there. Looking is real life, y'all. 

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