Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Anger Management (Television Thoughts: The Slap Episode 2)

I am really getting into the show, and I know a lot of people are saying that it is not as good as the Australian version, but since I have not seen that, I will just go by what I think is meritorious about this. The second episode focuses on Harry, and the aftermath of the slap from the first episode.  We see that Rosie (Melissa George) wants to press charges, and is hell bent on making sure that something happens to Harry, and truly, by the end of the episode, something does. We see Harry's regimen, and how he is with his wife and kids. And Harry is a complex and maybe unlikeable, but I cannot help but sympathize with him. Sure, I may not agree with what a lot of he stands for, but he stands for them proudly and with no apologies. And speaking of apologies, he does try to do the right thing by going over to the kid's house to apologize, only to horrendous results. The most telling thing for me here is Zacahary Quinto. My God, he is an amazing actor - intense and fully committed to his character. I think I have only seen him from the Star Trek movies, so I haven;t really paid as much attention, but he is on point here. He certainly knows his character, and how flawed it is, and essays it with brevity. Perhaps that is why I am on Team Harry on the slap issue. I think he is on the right - Rosie is a horrible parent - breastfeeding a five year old, are you kidding me - and you can even sense his internal struggle as he tries to parent his own child. I am hooked on this show, officially.

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