Saturday, February 28, 2015

In Grief (Television Thoughts: Looking Seaso 2 Episode 7, Looking For A Plot)

Tonight's episode of "Looking" was part road trip, part Will and Grace. Doris' father dies suddenly, so she, with Dom and Patrick drive back to Modesto Arizona to attend the funeral. While it is a depressing circumstance, the tone of the episode is part black comedy, part nostalgia. We get to learn that Doris and Dom were childhood sweethearts, and this episode brings them right into the middle of that situation. For example, they have to explain to people that they in fact did not get married, even though they reveal that they live together. I like the mixture of grief and morbid humor here, as it is very real, if surreal. As someone who has been touched by death recently, I can sympathize, empathize, and I couldn't help but shed a couple of tears. And Lauren Weedman is tremendous, equal parts pathos and comedic timing, and really deserves an Emmy nomination at the very least for her role here. Things ebb and flow for the trip in Modesto, with the occasional side of zaniness that reminds us of Will, Grace, and Jack.  But when Patrick gets back to San Francisco, Kevin is waiting for him at his doorstop, with a bombshell in his hands: he has left Jon. This development did not really surprise me, but at the same time I did not expect it. Is he really in love with Patrick? Will the two of them find love and happiness, and a happy ever after?

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