Monday, February 23, 2015

To The Beat Of The Drum (Film Thoughts: Whiplash)

I was so uncomfortable watching "Whiplash" but I guess that was the point.  The dust has finally settles and J. K. Simmons has now won the bulk of Supporting Actor awards this season for this film, and does he deserve it? Yes, I think he does, though he isn't really my first choice. (That would be Ethan Hawke for 'Boyhood')  I do understand that Simmons is one hard workign actor, and he worked his butt off here, so it's a matter of taste. Perhaps as I am getting older I am more drawn to subtle shades than broad strokes. Maybe that is also my problem with the film. Damian Chazelle's movie hits all the right marks, but I am infinitely drawn more to movies that I identify with, and make me feel good. And Miles Teller (why do I feel like I have watched a lot of his movies?) just more than a swell job as the protagonist here and in a less crowded year would have been a shoo-in nominee for the Academy Award. This truly is a star-making performance for him. You see him literally give blood, sweat, and tears for his role. The whole thing is too overwrought for my taste, but I feel it, just like Teller's drum solos.


  1. I just saw it this past weekend. I agree about being uncomfortable and about Teller's performance.
    I wrote a post about it today.

  2. Oooh, will check out your post.