Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Before Love Comes Gaydar (Book Review: Is He Or Isn't He?)

Have you ever started reading a book and all of a sudden everything seemed familiar? And I don't mean familiar like the situations in the book seem familiar. While I was reading this book, I had the distinct feeling that I had already read this book, like literally. And when I finished it, I knew for certain I did. But until that point, I wasn't sure. I was even caught in the suspense of the book's main question. Best friends Paige and Anthony start pining for the new boy in school, but they are unsure of what team he pitches for. So the whole book is spent fleshing out this "mystery," something that could have been solved by the third page had one of the characters the common sense to just ask. But this is a YA novel, and I am forgiving. Who knows, a younger version of me may have had the same dilemma. Hall knows how to keep the suspense, and if you just try to get into the novel, you will have as good a time. Though the end is a bit bitter, there's a lot of sweet along the way. But I still can't get over the fact that I have read this book before and started reading it again. I guess at my age, there is only so much information you can retain in your head.


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