Saturday, April 6, 2013

A Bad Habit To Break (Book Review: Bad Habits, Jenny McCarthy)

I haven't thought about Jenny McCarthy in, like...ever.  I saw her at Watch What Happens Live when she was promoting this book, so that resonated, and the book fell on my lap anyway, so I started reading it. It's okay. I started the book a while back, and lost interest in it. I started reading again last night and finished it in one sitting. Just like a lot of fluffy celebrity books, this just gives snippets of their lives, starting out with her growing up Catholic in the South Side of Chicago. It moves to her getting a Playboy spread, and we get small chapters of her being Playmate Of The Year, having an autistic son, and having six best-selling books previously. To be fair, there's a somewhat amusing story about her visit to the Vatican. There really is no "meat" in the writing, more like outlines. I wish it was more gossipy, I guess. I would like to have read about her relationship with Jim Carrey, for example. It's one of those books you forget about two seconds after you finish reading it.


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