Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Literature, Literally (Book Review: 50 Shades Of Gay, Jeffrey Self)

I haven't read the enormous hit that is "50 Shades Of Grey" so I don't really know why I started reading "50 Shades Of Gay," which is a gay parody version of it. But I started reading it, and got into the story quickly. As a parody of the original, I cannot tell you how successful it is, but as a stand-alone story, it was interesting enough. Jeffrey Self is an engaging writer - he knows how to get the reader quickly on his side, or in this case on the side of the narrator Alex Kirby, who has a chance encounter with movie heartthrob Taylor Grayson. For some reason, Grayson becomes enamoured  with the young writer, and then...well you more or less can tell what happens next. This seems to be a modern version of one the classic boy-meets-boy story, with a BDSM twist for the gays of today. I wish it was just a wholesome tale of love, because I found myself rooting for the two of them to "make it." But I think the premise, the characters, the tone of the piece may be too young for me. Self has a great feel for Los Angeles but I cannot get over how he uses the word "literally" over and over. It is like *literally* listening to Rachel Zoe speak. (See? I used it, too!) I have to admit that lowered a star for me for this review. 

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