Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Laughter And Tears (Television Review: SMASH, The Opening Night)

Well, folks here it is. After all the drama, the laughter, the tears, here she is, boys: Marilyn Monroe in BOMBSHELL. Or specifically, Ivy Lynn as Marilyn Monroe - the way it was meant to be. As Hilty sings "Don't Forget Me," I couldn't help but feel verklempt. Yes, I know, her take on the song is very different from Dead Eyes. While Dead Eyes'  version is more vulnerable, Hilty's is defiant, like saying, here I am, it's less pleading, more demanding. And I must confess, I like both versions, though over all I prefer Hilty's version better. The show didn't necessarily get a love letter from the Times, with Brantley not liking Tom's direction, and senses a discordant between the songs and Julia's "playwright"-like book. But, still, it's cause for celebration, and at the party, even though it is Ivy's night, she sings a duet with Dead Eyes, a cover of Sinatra's "That's Life." Yes, I am mildly mad that Ivy's moment wasn't her own, but their duet is a highlight of sorts anyway. And guess what - Tom and Julia are thinking of doing a musical version of "The Great Gatsby" and of course, at the party, Dead Eyes is dressed like Daisy Buchanan and Ivy as Myrtle. Foreshadowing? Oh, how I wish there really would be a third season, but that's just hoping against hope right now. Meanwhile, there's very few "hit List" on this episode (maybe that's why I like it much) but there's drama with Jimmy and his brother showing up dating Ana, and it's all so boring I could hardly keep my eyes open while I am writing about it. I must say this has been the best episode so far this season - at least we got somewhere with Bombshell!

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