Sunday, April 21, 2013

In Absentia (Film Review: Absent/Ausente)

"Absent" is a film by Argentinian director Marco Berger, and is a fascinating mind-f**ck of a film. Martin, played by Javier di Pietro, feigns an eye accident so his swim teacher, Carlos Echevierra, would take him to the emergency room. He is of course fine and is sent home, but he lies and ends up spending the evening at his teacher's house. What happens, and follows, tests the audience's ability to discern between reality and fantasy, crossing sexual lines. This movie is marked as a "thriller," but the film only makes it so, with its threatening music and camera angles that set the tone for the movie.  The audience will feel challenged as to whose side to take in the occurrences, if a side is even available. The movie seems a bit too manipulative, but it will certainly keep you awake, and after it has ended, will make you scratch your head and ask, "What was that?" If that is your type of experience, then this movie will satisfy lots.

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