Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Happy Birthday, Love Liza (Television Review: Smash, 'The Surprise Party")

Liza! is on SMASH.I guess that's the biggest takeaway I had from Saturday night's episode, "The Surprise Party." It was the first Saturday night episode for the series, which really makes me sad. Actually, I am depressed about this. But I am also losing a lot more interest in the series, because I feel like the lover who keeps on getting failed. They say don't expect so you won't get disappointed, and I just keep on getting let down by the series. But Liza is here, for now, and she sings a glorious Shaiman/Wittman song for Ivy, composed by Tom who is having problems controlling his cast. His leading lady is mad at him for hiring her mother to co-star with her, and, coincidentally, it's her birthday, and it seems like he has forgotten that too. The cast is aghast, and is planning a birthday party, specifically without him. When he realizes he has forgotten her birthday, he instructs Siri, "Call Liza!," and yes, all is forgiven, right?  Riiiiiight. I mean, it would have been enough for me, but not for Ivy. And all I gotta say is: Why are you acting like Karen, Ivy? That kind of behaviour is only done by dead-eyed reality show singers!

Speaking of, "Hit List" is coming along. But I don't care. I really dislike the show, the songs, and I chuckle whenever I hear it being called in an online forum as "Shit List." There's a love triangle thing going on with Dead Eye, Derek, and Jimmy, but as I said before, I am apathetic.

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