Monday, April 29, 2013

Poor Old Kyle Is Dead (Television Review: Smash, The Producers)

Kyle is dead. And I am sad. Well, technically, we don't know if he has died yet, but I am sure he did. You see, I had read spoilers that a major character will die this season, and lo and behold here we are. I really thought it would be Jimmy, Jeremy Jordan's character, but I am not far off. And it comes in the heels of a major development: Jimmy reveals that Kyle is in love with him. So yes, it was one of those gay unrequited for a straight guy love, and yes, the gay guy is a martyr. It smacks of all kinds of stereotypes, but I must admit I was a little surprised, and very dejected about it. And I must say that the past few episodes have really been stellar. Yes, they have gone melodramatic, and soap-y, but that's what I wanted SMASH to be, and they were delivering in that sense. I wasn't looking forward to this episode, because I knew they were going to focus on "Hit List,"  but I found this really compelling. Well, I am still not a fan of the downtown show, and for the life of me cannot get the music, but the behind-the-scenes drama was awesome. Jimmy goes on a downward spiral and gets fired from his own show, and Jeremy Jordan has a cringe-inducing scene towards the end that I am conflicted on: on one hand, I think he did a very good job, but it was still a cheesy scene. And at least Kyle comes out on top, singing "The Last Goodbye" as he meets his fate. Oh love, you are a rotten rotten thing .

Updated: Kyle died for Hit List's sins 


  1. I hope Kyle is not dead ! :( I really like his character and, when I saw the end of the episode, I was "what ?! NO ! Impossible ! Not Kyle !". So I am sad too. But I don't understand why Jimmy comes back with his brother... He hates him.. no ?

    (sorry if I do some misspelling, I'm french :D )

  2. Prisca - Unfortunately, it is pretty certain that he is dead. I am sad, too .