Saturday, May 4, 2013

Kyle Died For Hit List's Sins (Television Review: Smash: The Phenomenon)

Yes, I cried. For Kyle. As I had thought and predicted, in tonight's episode, they celebrated him. He is gone. This is a shame, too, because I liked Andy Mientus as Kyle. He was a great presence for the show, and thought in the end was much more likeable than Jimmy. And I lament what might have been: one of the best scenes tonight was Christian Boerle singing "Vienna," and he and Mientus had wonderful sweet chemistry. We all can't have happy endings, though, as the character of Andy pointed out (a little obviously) in the flashbacks. I liked the way the flashbacks were used to show how he connected with the other characters. It was really a touching tribute of an episode, and the final scene gave me goose bumps. Oh, if only he died for a good show. "Hit List" really does mirror "Rent." I mean, if the show was really good, it would have transferred even if one of its creator had not died. This shows how Broadway is produced nowadays - if there is enough hype for anything, it will have reason to run. I am unapologetic to the fact that I still do not like "Hit List," just like I still stand by my assertion that "Rent" is not a good show. But such is life, as it goes on. Now we have the ultimate battle of Bombshell vs. Hit List. I must say that I have really loved the past couple of episodes and am getting sadder of the thought that Smash will probably be not back next year. One last thing: I know I pick on Kat McPhee and her dead-eyed acting, but really watching this episode is testament to that fact. Her friend dies, her boyfriend gets missing, she's concerned, she goes to Jersey City (yes, it was by my old office!) to look for him, and yet she acts teh same old dead-eyed way the whole time. Look at it and tell me I am wrong.

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