Friday, May 24, 2013

Peace Musk (Perfume Review: Kenzo Vintage Edition/Kenzo PEace)

I don't know why I call this scent Kenzo Peace. I guess because there is a very big peace sign on the bottle? I also initially associated this as a sort-of hippy scent: the packaging of the box I guess kind of evokes it, and again, because of the peace sign. But Kenzo Vintage Edition (its official name) is essentially a heliotrope and musk scent. I am just thinking I should recommend this to my friend Therese because heliotrope is her favorite note. I always wore this scent during wintertime, but I thought why not wear it today, on a 80 degree day. It works just as fine. This is a white musk, so it is more an internal musk, and it blooms a little bit more with the warm temperature. Kenzo Vintage Edition is pretty much a skin scent - it is very intimate, and quite sexy, It doesn't scream. It sizzles only when you sniff it closer. The clean musk is inviting, and heliotrope gives it a nutty and almond-y projection. The woody/creamy base is a little off-putting during warmer weather, but if you are in an air-conditioned environment, you should be fine.

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