Saturday, May 11, 2013

Teen Daddy (Book Review: Making Ends Meet, S L Armstrong & K Piet)

Who can resist this adorable cover? Yes, I can be shallow and it influenced me in picking this book to read next, and boy, was that a good call. S.L. Amstrong's and K Piet's novel was irresistible from the start, and was a joy to the last page. Sure, I had to get myself used to the simple writing, and had to remind myself this is a Young Adult novel. I mean, it even had illustrations every couple of chapters or so, and I have to admit it helped in my appreciation of it. This is a story of a seventeen year old gay guy who gets a girl pregnant and ends up taking care of the baby. He is struggling making ends meet until he meets the perfect guy, and the guy is truly perfect. About halfway through the book, I kept waiting for a conflict - I mean, surely he cannot be that perfect - and then the conflict does show up, though it seems like it is from a 50s melodrama. It works, though, and got me more invested in the novel. This is a book that whiled my time away perfectly, and at the end I felt like I knew and liked these characters enough that I missed them after I finished the book. I usually try to shy away from books written by more than one person, but in this case the partnership worked. 


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