Saturday, May 25, 2013

Too Shy To Say (Book Review: So Hard To Say, Alex Sanchez)

I have been reading a book that is very "literary," and wanted a break from it, so I started Alex Sanchez' "So Hard To Say." I thought it  would be light-hearted, and kind of dumb. I was wrong - this is a great gay YA novel, and I just thought again, kids nowadays are so lucky for these precious gems of novels: they give them such affirmations that anyone who is unsure about how they feel would get a sense that yes, it is ok to be yourself, no matte what. This is not just another coming-of-age novel. Frederick moves to California, and befriends Xia, a Mexican classmate. She falls for him instantly, but he is confused. The boo is narrated from their alternating points of view, and I cannot help but empathize with Xia as well. First love can be both ecstasy and agony at the same time - we have all been there. This is a great book, a fantastic breather. 

BC- 35

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