Saturday, May 18, 2013

Captain Kirk Dies On This Trek (Movie Review: Star Trek Intp Darkness)

I am the farthest thing from a Trekkie, but I kind of enjoyed "Star Trek: Into  Darkness."  I mean, it was good, and I didn't regret seeing it. I remember seeing the first movie of JJ Abram's reboot a couple of years ago, and even though I have no recollection of anything from that movie, I do remember enjoying that as well. I think what I liked best was the human interaction between Kirk and Spock. Played with both cockiness and coyness by Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto, you can sense the great chemistry between them, probably because apparently these two are close friends in real life. I love that they seem to be having fun with their characters, even playing around with its dynamics. Actually, the whole crew was great, as they settle into their characters. I particularly loved Simon Pegg and Zoe Saldana. As for the plot, I think you have to be a real die-hard to get all the intricacies of it, and I just got the basics, which was enough for me to understand what's going on. The action scenes were pretty basic, but Abrams really need to resort to cheap tricks, like having Kirk die? Does the audience really need to be manipulated like that? This movie is still commercial fare, but there is a hint of morality play in their somewhere. Hopefully it isn't too subtle for its target audience so they get the message. But it was a hot Saturday afternoon, and this movie was good enough coolant.

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